Why will this training program make a difference for you AND for the global business networking community?

I run at least 2 global networking events per month and I watch a percentage of people failing in their networking. 

They fail because

  • They are inadequately prepared. Often they show up with an uncompelling message that leaves them with no results and no traction. 
  • At best they feel good about themselves for at least showing up at an event; But merely showing up is nowhere as great and productive as showing up prepared for success. 
  • This leaves people with a lacking of confidence - they quickly get disenchanted further with their marketing efforts and rather focus on serving their clients - few that they may have now. 
  • This creates a pernicious cycle of failure, resignation and frustration. 



I also watch experienced networkers fail to connect with people because they have not adequately covered the basics.

I understand this world - you feel like you have done enough networking and you know how to network - so what is there to improve? But the problem is that you are not producing the results you desire. And the reason may be as simple as going back to the basics (that I cover here) to find out where your blind spot may be. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO DO and I hope that you hear and feel me when I say the above; I hate to see you with your experience, continue to fail because you missed a few things which would make your effectiveness real and profitable.

PLEASE - if you are experienced, bring some patience to doing this program even if it sounds like you have already learned all of this. THANK YOU for your coachability.


There are many other reasons for failure that I have accounted for as best as I can in this training. 

These problems are now a global issue - I see the same problems in all countries - not just in the United States. 

I know that these problems can be fixed and solved contingent on your willingness to take the training seriously. 

My training experience with my clients at all levels revealed to me that these problems in networking can be resolved, again contingent on the willingness of the trainee to do the work fully. 

It is terribly sad to see such talented people like you waste your time and energy on tactics that do not work in networking. 


I had to go through a period of tough training at the age of 28 years old - fresh and new to business and fresh and new to the American Culture; being in the process of immigration from Asia to America. This training was made easier, fortunately because a mentor I met agreed to take me under his wing and teach me and guide me. 

Thanks to him, I was generating business and clients within months of meeting and working with him. Do not get me wrong - I worked hard at it. That hard work paid off thanks to his guidance which prevented me from developing unprofitable habits.


I want you to benefit from my training. Why? Because I care deeply for the world of small business - I want small business owners to be successful.

I put myself on the line by stating publicly that my mission and vision is to have 500 million Joyful and Successful Entrepreneurs in the world by 2050. 

I have made my success. Serving myself now necessitates leaving the world a better place than I found it. That means making you joyful and successful. 

Please Enjoy The Training. 

Kindest regards,

Sunil Bhaskaran

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