About Sunil

Sunil is a globally-recognized speaker, trainer, educator, and author. He brings 30+ years of building and implementing successful business plans to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and companies worldwide. His expertise includes leadership, sales, marketing, and global small business.

Sunil is the founder of

1. The Global Business Mastermind, a highly sought after training program helping business owners grow their audiences and reach.


2. The Global Small Business School, an educational institution dedicated to democratizing the availability of business education and opportunities for all entrepreneurs around the world.

Sunil has a Meetup organization of more than 200,000+ business owners and professionals across the US, UK, Canada and now in South East Asia.

He runs at least 3 networking events on a global scale per month PLUS other business networking educational events - all at no charge to attendees.

In the Global Small Business School, he offers scholarships and discounts to those entrepreneurs in need.

His true love lies in global business community building and generating collaborative, profitable businesses. Sunil effortlessly blends his business, technology, and academic backgrounds to mentor business owners and help them take their ventures to new, solvent heights.

Sunil brings a multifaceted approach to business through his knowledge of the social sciences, economics, literature, and cognitive neuroscience to curate innovative insights. Born and raised in Singapore, Sunil’s exposure to diverse perspectives and different categories of thinking has greatly influenced how he approaches business.

He lives in the Bay area with his charming wife, Glenda - and spreads his time between Europe (Portugal), the US and Asia, while engaging in his creative art forms of doodling, finger drumming and day-dreaming for innovative ideas.

What you will gain from this free download

Intentions for this E-book

1. THE FOUNDATIONS FOR BEING EFFECTIVE & COMPELLING: To give a guiding map for people to become better and more effective in networking and representing themselves compellingly at networking events.

2. COMMON PROBLEMS & SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS: What pitfalls to avoid. What glaring mistakes to immediately and urgently resolve. What to re-think in order to have longer term success.

"Thanks to Sunil my business has been opened up to location in Asia."

"Thanks to Sunil my business has been opened up to location in Asia. The connections I've made have been lifelong connections"

-- Shirley Miller, Alovéa Global

"A great person to have in your corner!"

"Sunil is passionate about helping others succeed! He's generous with his time and knowledge and offers a number of networking opportunities. A great person to have in your corner!"

-- Danielle Lescure, Freelance writer & Content Creator

"He is a rock star marketing/sales, business, and networking expert."

"I interviewed Sunil for his expertise on marketing and Meetup in our Promote Her Business community, invited him to be a Speaker at our HereWEGrow Conference, and collaborated with him on networking events and I can tell you first-hand that he is a rock star marketing/sales, business, and networking expert. Checking out his Global Mastermind is a must:)"

-- Josephine "Jōs" Hanan, CEO / Founder Promote Her Business International

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